Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ezra Levant: Not a Nerd from the Herd

So this is the man who is a menace to the fabric of Canada’s society. Yes, yes, he’s holding his book upsidedown like a salt shaker, a clever graphic device. And don’t let the happenstance of “& Hot” in the background over his head mislead you – unless it was put up there by his wife. But it is the face. Look at it. He’s got that nerdy, somewhat clownish/mischievous look on his face. And the complexion, sheesh, it’s so well-bred white-bread baby’s bottom cheeks – if only he had ears. He’s just too damn cute to be a hero; it’s incongruous. One would expect a free speech crusader to be gruff, ill-mannered, much like Bukowski, or Hitchens or Choamsky, but not a nice lad from law school. And if you ran a big bad bold bureaucrazy, wouldn't your take on this guy be that he is a pansy pushover.

Ezra Levant embodies the truism that FREE SPEECH fits all.

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