Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Five units of verse of the universe of the imagine nation of the Peoples Republic of Poetry (PRP) were arrested in Bland Land early yesterday evening on charges of possession of poet for the purpose of trafficking, and being intoxicated on poet in a public place.

Proseph Stalin, director of the Blandinistas, announced the arrest, “Bland Land has come under direct assault by the 101st Word Warriors of the imagine nation of the PRP once too often. It is done under the cover of poetry readings, spoken word performances, slam bam poetry or other sub verse euphemisms with the purpose of overthrowing mediocrity, the stabilizing governing principle of Bland Land.

These misguided units of verse were found to have been carriers of pure poet. Countless studies have found that chronic poet smoking, principally by those of the most delicate sensibility and the most enlarged imagine nation, produces a state of mind that is ‘at war with every base desire’.

The units of verse had been touring Bland Land as part of an outreach program known in poetry circles and triangles as Give the Bland a Hand. The program was developed by the Creative Intelligence Anarchy in collaboration with the Federal Bureau of Inspiration.

The units of verse readily admitted to being poet smokers. The poetic outreachers were reported to have been in possession of an unknown quantity of ‘Onomatopoezia: sans simile’, a genre of poet that condenses the imagination to its grass routes of grunt, groan, and moan alone that often finds expression in sound poetry.

The Minister With Poetfolio of the PRP, condemned the charges. “Poet smoking is nothing more than the inhalation of airy somethings to rearrange the local habitation and names of their origin allies. Bland Land is a verbless noun. They are seriously blandicapped.

Arresting and detaining our units of verse is nothing more than the worst kind of blanditry. We appeal to the United Imagine Nations to demand the release of the creative force that through the green fuse spurts a world of multicolourfulism.

The Creative Intelligence Anarchy released a terse statement, “Poet smoking is the leading cause of flights of fancy. The imagine nation will not be grounded by the farces of suppression, oppression, repression. We will continue to enforce landing writes in the blandemic wasteland of mediocrity. Those units of verse will not be ablandoned

Poet smoking has been the write of every unit of verse of the imagine nation of the Peoples Republic of Poetry.

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