Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Coming Soon to a Blog Near You: UNBRIDLED HATE!

August 20, 1978, units of verse (poetariet) of the unitVerse of the imagine nation of the Peoples Republic of Poetry gathered on Parliament Hill and indulged in a poetic event of unbridled hatred. Documents and images of this defiant event will be scanned, cropped and configured for uploading in a day or two. Stay tuned. Meanwhile enjoy the teaser news article below.

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WL Mackenzie Redux said...

Tou were ahead of the curve in sniffing out Big Brother's tell-tale spoor.

A wonderful flashback and vision of the future as well...the continuing saga of a government that turned into a "state" and a "just society" turning to a "Just us" society.

If the "state's" spooks were capable of steaming open snail mail over fears of gummint ID "theft?" (and PM paranoia) then imagine what they can do now with total electronic communication surveillance capability, keyword filters and a Cray computer.

We live in an era where every electronic communication or personal transaction may be assumed to be scanned for politically incorrect content and its author put on some spook agency watch list (which officially doesn't exist)and to be shared with international spook agencies of similar foreign "states".

"Statists" from the Papal kings and Caliphs to Imperialists to Hitler and El Duce, Stalin, Castro and Mao have identified the subversive "threat" to the "state" that free poets and art represent.

Unfortunately they had the civil degeneracy but not the technology to do something about it.

Now we have both the technology and the devolving civil degeneracy to crush every verbal and textual artistic threat to the "state".

I wish we were a country again and not a "state".

BTW: Wally, your unique blend of sarcasm, parody, satire and articulation have inspired me to check out Irving Layton. Poetry and prose are somewhat neglected in my reading patterns but I love satire and anyone who who mocks the dire sanctimony of the "state" or the smugness of the social status quo. Sort of a National lampoon attitude.