Wednesday, August 27, 2008


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Wally Keeler wraps the nose cone with chrome mylar

Ready to roll -- a moment for posturing

Oh look, a drive-by shouting near Nathan Phillips Square

Close up of the nose

a pause to refresh

Reporters always have questions

FREEDOM OF SPEECH: It's a wonderful thing.

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WL Mackenzie Redux said...

The time has come to wheel out the arms race satire again Wally. With the noises and saber rattling coming from the Kremlin these days, it seems a new cold war and arms race is in the wind.

Ya know, If the MIC (military industrial complex) didn't actually create soviet Russia they would need to invent them. Soviet/Maoist commnist imperialism sure has been good for the arms business...I guess since the soviet regime fell in Russia. the Islamic threat can;t muster the nuclear stalemate to justify more arms development.

Putin and Russian hegemony to the rescue...the new cold war approaches and the economic good times of a new arms race are just around the corner.

I think you should blow the dust off that missile display to celebrate Wally.