Sunday, July 27, 2008



by Wally Keeler, staff

. . The Peoples Republic of Poetry announced in a terse verse that the Creative Intelligence Agency will henceforth be the Creative Intelligence Anarchy, effective midnight tonight.
. . Over the years there have been calls for a more appropoetic name, many citing discomfiture that it too closely resembles the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States of America. This argument was unpersuasive. The element of satire has more significant value than appeasing discomfort-level touchimess.
. . Douglas Curran of the Forensics Foto Force, Ministry of Extraordinary Affairs, currently on cultural assignment in Malawi, recited, “The word ‘Creative’ fully identifies the central function of our state-of-mind; that won’t change.”
. . “But the name should also reflect the deep pool of our origin ally, where sub-verse neurons nano-collide, hither-&-tithering units of verse throughout consciousmess. Our state of mind, creativity, arises from this anarchical origin ally. Praise the Word!”
. . Nona Sampson, of the Re-Verse Department recited “The Creative Intelligence Agency is a powerful agent of change; ‘Agency’ better describes its function and role in the Peoples Republic of Poetry. It’s a role of advocrazy, of agency. It’s served Poetry well over the years. Praise the Word!”
. . Mr Curran responded “We need a greater dissociation and corresponding dissonance from ‘Central Intelligence Agency’ -- ‘Anarchy’ serves that purpose. The satirical connection remains in the acronym -- people will still ‘get it’.”
. . Marie Simon, dancer and provocateur of the Green Fuse Fems, recited, “Anarchy has received a bad rap for decades, thanks in part, to the USAmerican agency; the Creative Intelligence Anarchy is a step to re-Verse this corrosion. Anarchy is a well-hung muse of Creativity.”
. . “Anarchy is free-flow intelligence,” recited Bonnie Sharpe. “Free flowing water is preferable to stagnant water. Poets don’t drink from mediocrity.”
. . “Turbulence of mind exhilarates like riding rodeo on white water rapids. Creativity is not pre-meditated. Praise the Word! Live UN-censored! That’s what I always recite.”

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