Wednesday, July 2, 2008

REJECTED by Cobourg Daily Star, Nov 12/07

How pathetically correct is this; the editors of the Cobourg Daily Star have no problem with sexist man-bashing, ie. the ad hominen attack on Conrad Black as a "tubby hubby", or the unsubstantiated slander that unnamed elements of Cobourg Town Council get over their "Stone Age attitude towards women."

So then they write an editorial (Nov 11) extolling the "The Boys of War" and not once is there a suggestion that young women are on the front lines in Afghanistan with young men.

I, for one, am busting with pride that Canada, and other NATO allies have sent young women to serve in Afghanistan, to ensure that Afghan women can attend school, among other things, and yes, shoot to kill those misogynists who threaten to prevent such progress. Those are my kind of Canadian women -- beautiful, intelligent and lethal.

-- Wally Keeler

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