Thursday, July 3, 2008


I am minister of the fields
singing the hymns of the winds
. . . shivering the ungrazed grass.

I am parishioner of the night
humming prayers in the light
. . . of the nebular stained glass.

I am adorer of the groves
dancing the dance of the gods
. . . down the silent aisles of fruit.

I am choirboy of the woods
mellow-making the old limbs
. . . of an ancient tree like a lute.

I am singer of the soft-sunned
soil and of a dimpled pond
. . . over which a cloud proudly walks.

I am poet of the pastures
plucking wheat in my leisure
. . . writing bibles with their stalks.

published in Walking On the Greenhouse Roof
Delta Canada Publishing, Montreal, 1969

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