Thursday, September 4, 2008


Teen with rainbow hair faces 'punishment' Sept 4/08 By Rhiannon Meyers / Galveston County Daily News GALVESTON, Texas — Stifled by a standardized dress code, April Barton said she chose to express herself by coloring her hair pink, green, blue, purple and yellow.

April Barton, said Ball High [School] administrators told her to lose her colorful hairstyle or face punishment. Her friend, Vanessa Sliter, has dyed her hair to get rid of the fuchsia streaks. But administrators at Ball High School in Galveston think her rainbow-striped hair is too distracting and therefore a nuisance, Barton said.

43 years ago the same thing...
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Anonymous said...

Gee Wally, you got one of those hair cuts the principle says makes kids into a "bad element"! When Mom and Dad find out, they're gonna kill you!

Not a problem Beave, Mom and Dad expect kids to do goofy stuff to their hair, better we get it all out of us before we get our own kids. It's just official people who worry about goofy kid stuff because they get paid to worry about it. Parents don't worry because their jobs don't depend on forgetting how goofy they were when they were kids.

Wally Keeler said...

So I shave it bald in order to have the privilege of continuing my public education, and I catch flak because this also draws attention to myself in contrast to the other pre-official lemmings sitting up straight with hands clasped. Eddie Haskell dropped out.

WL Mackenzie Redux said...

Wally, Re Public school:

You were not there to learn true revealed knowledge...that is for the ruling class elite and their private schools...No the Plebs are simply taught "skills" to make you productive and useful to the state which claims a large portion of your productive life. They can't rob unproductive or uncooperative people so it was made mandatory for plebs to be crounf throug state indoctrination and training centers.

You are not there to learn critical thinking but conformity never to question authority and remain subordinate to must conform to officially prescribed "norms" or be outcast as defective....this is the roll of public education according to the collectivist arse Dewey who foisted this social Darwinist "efficiency" on a once free people.

How we survived public education with our critical reasoning intact I'll never know...must be that spark of defiance toward the totality of "order" that burns in the soul of a true rebels...we all know your REAL education starts when you leave these state-run intellectual abattoirs.

At least Pink Floyd got that part right.

Blazing Cat Fur said...

Wally you old rebel you;)

Wally Keeler said...

Thanks BCF. My mother brought me up all by widowed self. She was a working stiff -- kitchen help at a local hospital. She went to a PTA meting to listen to teachers complain about me being "a round peg in a square hole." Ptui!

I got an education, all right, but not the one intended.