Thursday, September 11, 2008


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Well, I have to give credit for NOW magazine for publishing my response to Ms Susan Cole's venal column of the previous week. However, the credit has to be clawed back for the deletions removed from the letter. It seems that the magazine that likes to consider itself as edgey, is actually a scared little kitty kat. Below is the letter as I had sent it. I have bolded/reddened the text that was deleted. Not only do they delete, they deliberately distorted: note how they changed the word "recommending" to "reprimanding." Why, my goodness, NOW magazine has become as silly as the defunct Ontario Censorshit Board in days of yore.

I am deeply impressed with Susan Cole’s hope that Yankee voters not lay off pregnant 17-year-old Bristol Palin, and to flog her “front and centre as an attack on anti-sex-education platforms.” It demonstrates quite clearly that Ms Cole will stoop to exploit an underage pregnant girl to further a political point. Ms Cole is an exemplary “progressive” role model for all feminists in this regard.

I have always been pro-choice. I have always supported officially-approved sex education, including abstinence as one of many options, so that young people can come to experience the joy of official pleasure with their official orgasms, but Ms Cole’s [Her] snake-belly abuse of an underage teen disgusts me.

I hear the Comedian Human Rights Commission, is flogging a pro-diversity policy concerning sex-education in our schools. They're recommending girls who cry out "Oh God! Oh God!" when having their official orgasms, should once in a while cry out "Oh Allah! Oh Allah!", to celebrate multiculturalism. Surely this is something Ms Cole could wrap her mouth around and moan the rainbow about.

Oh, excuse me, I hear the CHRC knocking at my door.


WL Mackenzie Redux said...

Your letter was not edited they were simply practicing safe speech by employing a political prophylactic to your thoughts.

Wally Keeler said...

Be fruitless and divide

truepeers said...

Cowards, had no right to publish your letter in such a transformed way.