Monday, September 1, 2008


For the past few years I take the 2-block walk to view the Toronto Labour Day, monitering it for flag protocol violations. Sadly there are violations every year, especially the unions with Canadian/U.S. affiliation. I have no problem with the display of the Stars & Strippers, but I do have a problem with it FRONT&CENTRE, with the Maple Leaf relegated to the sidelines.

This year's parade had a new spectacle from the End Israeli Apartheid cell. They proudly displayed 12 of their flags. One of the group came over to hand me a leaflet, so I asked where the Canadian flag was, a single Canadian flag. He shrugged. So I added, "well I guess they aren't Canadians." He emphasized that they were. I said they weren't because there is not the slightest indication that they are Canadians. (Won't catch a Muslim slugging back a Molson) The man gestured down Queen West and said he didn't see any Canadian flags with the other groups, so my complaint had no merit.

His observation was correct. In the entire parade the Canadian flag was hardly held aloft by any union organization. I wish I had counted the number exactly so that I could compare it to the 12 Palestinian flags being proudly waved. What a pathetic display of disrespect for Canada.

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WL Mackenzie Redux said...

"I said they weren't because there is not the slightest indication that they are Canadians. (Won't catch a Muslim slugging back a Molson)"

These are things I share with poorly Canadianized hyphenated immigrants.

I haven't had a Molson-Labatt product for over 25 years because:

A) The brew is shite, a corporate mass produced beer-like beverage that does not share the process or ingredients of real beer...and not one of these national corporate brewers is owned by Canadians.

Sleemans- Japanese
Molson - US Coors
Labatt - InBev Belgium

B) When I had a flag pole I started flying the flag upside down (as an international symbol of distress) since the communist coup of 1982...actually the flag act was a political coup snuck in at parliamentary recess by collusion with a meagre partisan quorum. Now I don't fly it at all and fly the Alberta flag with the Ensign under it.

My beer is the beer of my forefathers, real and locally crafted by an independent Canadian microbrewer.

My flag is the flag of my sovereign province and the confederal dominion which was never legally dissolved as per conventional democratic protocol.

That red leaf thing is just the corporate trade mark logo of the LPC and the Quebecois collectivist cabal that hijacked this nation in 1982.

Rant mode off

Wally Keeler said...

Now I know why you're wl mackenzie redux. :-)

I haven't had a Molson's in decades either. I did inhale some of Canada's finest SnowBud quite a while back -- second hand.